With the bright summer sun getting hotter every day, sun exposure is even damaging our feet. High temperature, tight shoes, sweaty feet, and thick socks are all contributors to common foot problems from fungal infections, to eczema, to even “smelly feet”. With the summer already here, and sandals never looked hotter, take care of your feet by following these simple steps:

1.Wash your feet: keep them clean and pedicured at all times. Dirty feet can simply ruin your whole appearance.

2.Wear slippers: some people like to go barefoot around the house all day. Wearing slippers around the house will not only keep your feet clean, but will also prevent dry, cracked heels.

3.Get a pedicure: You don’t have to go to an expensive nail salon to get your nails done; simply soak them in warm water and shower gel for 15 minutes, then with a cuticle pusher, remove all the extra skin at the base of your toenails. After finishing, scrub off dead skin using a mild exfoliant and a pumice stone. Finish off with a strong hydrating Vitamin E cream. Scrub twice a week at night for best results.

4.Un-crack those heels: several cracked heels treatments are available for purchase. To name a few, Dr. Scholls and Sally Hansen treatments are known to be the best. After using the heel treatment, cover your feet with socks to trap in the treatment for the longest time possible.

5.Sunscreen: Yes, on your feet too. Half an hour before going out, generously apply sunscreen to exposed feet.

6.High and dry: keep your feet dry at all times to avoid fungal infections. Do not wear cotton socks in the summer but rather acrylic ones.

7.Deodorant: use spray deodorant on your foot to avoid perspiration.

8.Avoid flats: nothing too flat that would drag your feet across the floor and get them dirty. Going “”Too Flat” can even cause back problems.

9.Don’t over-polish: using nail polish everyday can cause discoloration of the nails. To avoid that, apply a base coat of clear nail polish first before painting your toenails. If you’re not going out, remove nail polish and give your nails some time off.

10.Shoes that fit: avoid shoes that are too sexy but too tight. Comfort comes first when it comes to footwear. There’s no point in looking all glamorous if your feet are all injured and scarred with blisters. If you do end up getting a blister, DO NOT POP IT. A simple band aid over it will be enough to protect the wound.

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