A Grandpa and a Grandson Smith was seating next to each other in a Bus.
Grandpa said to Smith lets play a game.
I will ask you a question and if you didn't get the answer, you will pay me $100, and if u ask me a question and I didn’t get the answer, I will pay you $10000.
The Grandpa started: What is the distance from the Earth to Jupiter?
Smith doesn't say a word, he reaches his pocket and pulled out a $50 and gave him.
Now it's Smith turn to ask.
He said: what goes up in the hill with 5 legs and comes down with 7 legs?
The Grandpa Thought for a long time, searches the internet, and asked all his smart friends but couldn't get the answer.
He reaches his pocket and pulled out a $10000 and gave it Smith.
Grandpa got mad and asked Smith: well, what the hell goes up the hill with 5 legs and comes down with 7 legs?.
Smith just deep his hand into his pocket and gave Grandpa $100 and said: I don't know also.

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