Penguins are the inhabitants of the sub-Antarctic islands

The average weight of male Penguins is nine pounds and females seven and a half

Making a helical motion paws penguins can develop under the water rate to thirty-six miles per hour.

Penguin Playing in Water

Penguins dive to a depth of two hundred meters

They feed on small bird’s fish and krill

in flight

Penguins often attack leopard seals and killer whales

For thirty-four days, the eggs hatch both parents. Usually, the female lays two times per egg

Because of the uncontrolled pollution numbers have rapidly decreased

Penguins Photography

Birds are very interesting painted

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जीवन एक टेलीविजन है जिसमे पाप और पुण्य के ,  दोनो चेनल हैं !

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